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6 athletes, 12 rollskis, 21 days, 2,000 kilometres and the intention of collecting as many donations as possible.

“Raising awareness and thus donations for a good cause” was the mission of the team of Terje Langli and Tom Sandberg.

The World and Olympic champions in skiing and cross country respectively, chose a remarkable way of doing so: they decided to go travel on rollerski all the way from Mo i Rana (NO) in the arctic circle to the Lyconet Elite Seminar in Prague whilst collecting donations. The team - also joined by Tor Inge Kristiansen, Tore Nilskog, Ivar Skogmo - reached Prague in just 21 days.

Now they will continue collecting donations until the Lyconet Elite Seminar in Poland in September. We are curios if they will reach Krakow on rollerskies too.
We are delighted to witness such commitment towards supporting our projects and hope that the fans are as motivated when it comes to donating as the team was in their mission to reach Prague on rollerskies.