cff-about-us-nina_passegger- Chairman
— Nina Passegger —

"I am happy about this important and valuable function. The topic of education as the Foundation's central point, to me, is the basis for helping people help themselves. The combined power of the Lyoness community makes it possible to change something in the world and to do good."
— Bettina Rieger—
Vice Chairman

"I am very happy that we have come from the idea-stage to implementation in such a short time. 'Education. Opportunities. Future.' – this is the approach we pursue together with our partners in order to put our success to use sustainably for charity projects. Everybody who uses Lyoness makes it possible to support people in need and to improve their living conditions."
— Monika Murárová —


"Our goal is to support people and families in need, especially in the field of education. Often it is necessary however to do basic work concerning food, clothes, housing and health, before implementing education projects."

— Birgit Windisch —


"Die Child & Family Foundation erfüllt, mit Unterstützung der Lyoness Community, eine wichtige Aufgabe, indem sie für benachteiligte Kinder, Jugendliche und Familien Zugang zu Bildungsangeboten schafft. Bildung ist in unserer modernen Gesellschaft ein wesentlicher Faktor für berufliche Entwicklung und Erfolg und sollte für alle Menschen zugänglich sein. Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich als Teil des Vereins dieses Ziel nun tatkräftig unterstützen kann."

— Stefan Brandl —

Project Manager


— Anne Millahn —
Project Manager

— Alejandro Najera —
Project Manager

— Han-I Leiner — "Karenz"
Project Manager